What I would love to hear from others….

A summary of your book and how you found your way to becoming published…what worked for you and what didn’t. I would love to know about your experiences and see a snipit of the wonderful work you created in the process.


Social Media

It has become clear to me that even at the young age of 40, I am new to social media. The mere fact that I am just now learning Twitter and Blogging attests to my lack of knowledge. But…it’s an adventure and I am thrilled to be connected and learn about writers and their work from all over the world. I will be posting my first chapter here soon. In the meantime, I’m inspired by what other authors have done with various forms of social media and how it has encouraged them with their work.

New to Blogging

I’m currently in London and spending my Monday evening with a lovely glass of Sauvignon Blanc and finally bringing myself to create a Blog. Why? Because I just finished my novel and want to connect with others…to hear inspirational stories and those that are simply common place and everyday observations. I hope to also have this outlet become a place for my own ramblings and thoughts that others might, perhaps find worth viewing. 🙂